Monday, May 2, 2011

Prince amongst Thieves

Prince amongst Thieves was done in 1999 by Chris Ofili with a variety of different medias including Synthetic polymer paint, oil, paper collage, polyester glitter, resin, map pins, and elephant dung on canvas. When I first saw this picture I just thought it looked really cool. I liked how he had the dark background with lighter colors making all different shapes around the dark figure in the center. the figure in the center is supposed to be an African tribe leader. the medallion around his neck is made of elephant poop. I saw that the artist made this out of elephant dung and I get that he is trying to be unique and do something others haven't done before but really that's nasty. He was a Young British Artist and won a scholarship to Zimbabwe which is where he gets the elephant dung media fr many of his pictures.

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