Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ballet Probe

This painting is Ballettprobe by Edgar Degas. it was an oil on canvas painting done in 1873. Degas is one of the most popular impressionist painters who was very outspoken about the needs of artists and their lifestyles. He organized what is now known as the first Impressionist exhibition and planned many of the subsequent shows. He initially called himself and his compatriots "realists," which pointed to their interest in drawing inspiration from their own environments and experiences. the reason i chose this painting was because i loved the dancers. although the painting seems a little blurry, the colors blend beautifully and you can still clearly see the picture. it also shows depth perception. the dancers in the front are larger than the ones in the back, and the musician in the front are even larger than all the dancers. i especially like the way the light is portrayed coming in from the windows. it allows light to be shed on the main focus of the painting, the dancers.

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