Tuesday, January 25, 2011


He/She by Tim Noble and Sue Webster, is one of my favorite works of art. Though it is not a Modernism work of art, it is a work of art all the same. The medium is a mixture of welded metals into what looks like a deformed creation but when light is hit by it the shadows displayed on the wall are what the welded metal appear to be! Isn't it amazing?! I just absolutely love the way something that looks like trash can actually look like a real human being peeing! To me this is a true work of art. It keeps that saying alive: "that one persons trash, can be another persons treasure!" Though I would not display something like this in my house I just love the image that this came out to be. The artists Noble and Webster, did a series of different materials, one actually being trash! I encourage you to look into their artwork because the texture of their work turns into something oh so amazing! :)

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