Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Flaming Core of Love and Rage

Modern Art Work - oil painting: The Flaming Core of Love and Rage

This picture shows the similarities between love and rage. As everyone may have or have a little experience in love, we should have an idea that love isn't the easiest trait. So I definitely like this painting because it fits the title. Love and Rage is two words by itself but it compliments each other at times. The picture is a flame and flames can get a little out of control just like rage and love. If you have experience love then you can understand where i'm coming from with this picture. I like the fact that the blue in this picture stand out to me because the blue can mean sad and it can represent the color of the flame. When I look at this picture I also think about the sun because of the yellow and red. People can interpret this picture differently, but it depends on their experience and the way this picture makes them feel

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