Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Les Poseuses by Georges Seurat

Les Poseuses was done by Georges Seurat in 1888 with oil on canvas. Translated to english, the title is The Models which i found to be interesting becasue there has been controversy as to whether this is the same model posing in three different positions or three different models. The model(s) is posing in front of another one Seurat's paintings, A Sunday on La Grand Jette. The painting the nude models are in front of contain fully clothes women. I fell like the contrast almost empahsizes the models nudity by having them in front of such properly clothed women. If you look closely you can see that the painting was done in tiny little circles instead of smooth brush strokes. I personally like this style as opposed to straight smooth brush strokes. I like this painting, mainly becasue it is modern art that I actually understand. The figures and objects are clearly painted however the painting itself is mysterious. Why are there these naked women posing in front of another picture that he already made? Is he mocking he previous painting?

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