Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Bathroom

This painting is called "The Bathroom" and it is by Pierre Bonnard. Its a oil on canvas and the size is 47 5/8 by 46 1/2. The painting is of Bonnard's bathroom at his home and the woman is his wife Marthe with their dog. The interesting thing is that Bonnard's wife appears in many of his paintings but her face is never visible. I think that is interesting that he paints his wife but the audience never sees her face. When he painted this he didn't have a sketch he did it by free hand and by memory. I like this painting a lot. I like the colors that he used and I like that he used his own family and bathroom in the painting. The painting is relateable to people who are looking at it. I also like how he did this by meomory and just a few small sketches as aides. Overall I really like the painting.

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