Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Self portrait with Muse

"Self portrait with Muse" was painted in 1917 by Marc Chagall, oil on canvas 157 x 140 cm.Chagall was an early modernist who used varying mediums, including stain glass. He was a Russo-French Jew who lived through both World Wars and did many of his works focus around Jewish religious and social themes. This particular piece is of himself receiving inspiration from a muse which appears to be an angel. I find it interesting that he used only blue tones, it gives a lot of depth and contrast to the work. Also he shows himself and his vision in darkness, as if he is blind, and the angel in lightness as if it is giving him vision and inspiration. There is some definite cubist components to the piece, as well as hints of emerging surrealism.I like that his works as so bold and contrasting. His style is also very varied and different from painting to painting.

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