Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Death Seizing a Women was done in 1934 by Kathe Kollwitz on lithograph. I felt that this particular work was very powerful and moving for the viewer. Death is most people's biggest fear, although it is inevitable. Death usually comes for older, sick people. however, this women appears to be younger; her face isn't wrinkly, her hair is a dark color, and she is clutching a new born. It looks like death is coming on her very quickly and violently. She is clutching her baby, I'm not sure if this is being done to protect her child or if the mother is trying to escape death by clinging to life. The actual death figure is very creepy, resembling something from a modern day horror film. What ever the story is behind this picture I think it is clear that this death is not welcomed or accepted, even the title indicates that death snuck right up on this poor mother. I think this was very well done but I would never in a million years hang this up in my house because I feel like I would never get a proper nights sleep.

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