Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Le Cowboy

Le Cowboy, or The Cowboy was a lithograph done in 1947 by Henri Matisse. Matisse was a part of the Fauves movement, so the bight crazy colors are a reflection of that. I really didn't know what this was until I read the title, then i could kind of see a cowboy in the left figure on the left side. What he is supposed to be roping on the right side I have no idea. It looks like some strange blob creature, nothing like a horse or a bull or anything else a cowboy may actually rope. Several of the websites said that as Matisse got older, he switched from painting to lithogrpah becasue he could no longer grasp the paint brush. Overall I dont really like this picture mainly due to the fact that i cant tell what that blob is. That may have been Matisse's whole point that since he was an abstract painter.

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