Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Two Fridas 1939

This first time I saw this painting I couldnt understand what it meant. Then we began watching the Frida movie in class and it all started comming together. She had painted this oil on canvas in 1939 after her divorce from Diego Rivera, and it represented how she was feeling at the time. I researched an analysis of this painting and found that: Shes wearing a mexican garb on the right, which is the woman Diego fell in love with. In her lab is a portrait of Diego, and this was found with her at the time of her death. Attatched to the portrait is an umbilical cord which could representing that Diego was her lover, and her child. The heart of the mexican on the right is whole, and that was when Diego still loved her. The linking vein and the collapsed hands represent her imaginary child hood friend whom she looked to when she was diagnosed with Polio at the age of 6 and experienced great pain. On the left she shows herself with a destroyed heart, and the surgical scissors are her way of disconnecting from him. The pool of blood on her lap represented numerous abortions, miscarriages, many surgeries, and the pain she felt from losing Diego. First impressions say alot about this painting but after reading why the artist painted it, it makes more sense, and makes it an amazing piece of art.

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