Tuesday, April 19, 2011

(Friends) Frankenstein Weave

So about a week ago Alex and myself were asked to be apart of Mr. Jacketti's art work. We went to see his gallery and he decided to take our pictures and used it as a photographic work of his. It is called Friends or better known as the Frankenstein Weave. Basically what it is, is two digital images of one person that is sliced up into strips and then one face becomes the weave and the other the weft. So basically this is each of our whole faces weave and split between one another. I think it looks amazing. When he told us what he was going to do I wasn't too sure about it but then i figured since we don't exactly look alike that he would do it in black and white but he didn't. If you are able to look closely enough at the image you can see that our skin tones, nose sizes and smiles are all different but from afar you might not notice it right away. I think this is such a creative piece and I was so privileged to be apart of it!

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