Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sun and Rocks

"Sun and Rocks" was painted by Charles Burchfield from 1918-1950, watercolor on paper. He was a visionary painter who's media of choice was watercolors. I noticed while browsing through his work that he has  varied subject and style. Some paintings are very realistic and vivid, while others are more fantasy like and whimsical. He sometimes used one family of colors, and sometimes played with black and white painting. His more playful works tended to be of nature scenes, forests, fields ,etc. While his more realistic and literal works were of city life and buildings. I chose this painting because it took so long to finish it. Most of his other works took a year to do, but this one was well over a decade. I don't find this palette or composition particularly appealing compared to some of this other pieces. I can see the real time and effort in the painting, it doesn't look like a watercolor, but I think I prefer his more creative pieces and social snapshots to this one

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