Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The New Lazarus

"The New Lazarus" by Philip Evergood was painted from 1924-1954, oil on plywood, 48 x 83 1/4 in. He was an American scene painter, whose work was overcome like many American painters by the effects of the Depression and WWII. He did a lot of social realist commentaries up until the 1940s where his work took a more biblical turn, as in this piece. His subject matter was often awkward and sexual. His work became milder over time and also neater as rough bold lines became softer and areas of value less sharp. A lot of his earliest art was sketch work and black/whites. I like this piece because it was one of his later pieces but still had an edge to it. His work was so compelling because it was so uncomfortable and damning. Some of his paintings bordered on creepy.

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