Monday, April 4, 2011

Memory (The Heart)

"Memory (The Heart)" was created in 1937 by Frida Kahlo and it is oil on metal. This painting is 15"x11". This self portrait of Frida expresses the feelings she felt when she found out about Diego Rivera's affair with her sister. Her broken heart which is large, symbolizes the amount of pain she experienced during this heart break. Frida also has no hands in this painting, whereas this could symbolize her feelings of being helpless. The title "Memory" means that Frida is reflecting back on her times with Diego. The school uniform in the back symbolizes when she first met Diego, when she was still young. The dress in the front is Diego's favorite dress on Frida. I love how Frida expresses her feelings through her artwork but her symbols are always distinct. The viewers have to think about what each part of the painting may mean and what she is directing her attention towards as a painter.

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