Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Women ( Le Grand Dejeuner)

"Three Women ( Le Grand Dejeuner)" was painted by Fernand Legar in 1921, oil on canvas, 6'1/4" by 8'3". Legar was a French painter, filmmaker, and sculptor, whom painted in a unique form of  cubism and was a forerunner for pop art. In 1911, an art critic  called his style tubism, due to his obsession with cylindrical shapes. It was meant as a insult but Legar adopted the term. I can definitely see how he influenced pop art. There is broad areas of monotone outlined by sharp areas of value, giving the figures for lack of a better word a pop that makes them stand out and seem bold. He uses more than just cylinders and circles in the background, creating a good contrast to the primary figures of the painting. I like his use of color and black/white against each other. It's a very unique and interesting style, very fun to look at but I'm not overly fond of it.

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