Tuesday, April 19, 2011

La Leçon de Ski

"La Leçon de Ski" was painted by Joan Miro in 1966, oil on canvas. Miro was an eccentric in the art world. He played a part in the early Surrealist movement but never wanted to fully involve himself with it. He also dabbled in DADA and other movements of that time period. He however preferred to experiment with his art and had a more abstract colorful style in his later career. Miro played with murals and collages, some of which are standing on buildings today. I like his work, its fun and playful. You can tell he did art because he enjoyed it and not because it would get him prestige or money or anything like that. His surrealist works are very odd. So many are borderline abstract that its hard to tell the intended shapes and subject, but they're still cool to look at.

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