Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Self portrait with cropped hair

Frida painted Self portrait with cropped hair in 1940, shortly after her and Diego divorced. Unlike her other paintings of her in dresses, this painting exhibits Frida in an entirely new way. She's sitting in a chair dressed in a man's shirt, shoes and suit, which some say was Diego's clothes. Also unlike her paintings, Frida is shown with a short hair cut and locks of her hair thrown all over the room. The image is said to suggest her yearning of freedom and independence of a man. The writing across the top of the painting mocks the lyrics of a popular song which declared that love is dependent upon their lover’s beautiful hair. I picked this painting after seeing it in the movie Frida in class. After watching the events unfold in the movie of the story behind the painting I found it really interesting and wanted to know more about it. What I think is most clever about the painting is the lyrics located on the top of the painting. It explains that love is dependent on beautiful hair, as she sits with her hair chopped to pieces and in the midst of a brutal divorce with Diego.

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