Saturday, February 26, 2011

Composition VII

Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky was created in 1913. This painting was number 7 of 10 that Kandinsky composed prior to World War 1. Unfortunately the first three were destroyed in the war but the remaining seven still are intact. I thought that this composition was the most interesting out of all ten of them, although I enjoyed all of them. According to Kandinsky, Composition VII was the most complex painting that he ever painted. It was said that it took him 30 preperatory drawings in order for him to finally come up with what he wanted for this painting. The actual painting itself only took 4 days to create. Art scholars who have studied Kandinsky and his writings have suggested that this painting combines the ideas of The Ressurection, The Last Judgement, The Deluge, and The Garden of love into one swirling mass of lines and colors. During this time period, Kandinsky's paintings were more focused on creating a sense of spirituality through art.

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