Tuesday, February 22, 2011

War is No Nice

This painting is at the MOMA and it is done by Martin Kippenberger in 1985. This is a oil and silicone rubber on canvas. The size is 71 x59. I like this painting because of the color of the pink and reds with the green background. I also like how the words war is no nice is through out the painting. The painting has a lot going on but the main focus is the cannon. Some parts of the painting I don't understand what some of the objects that are in the painting that are surrounding the cannon. The War is No Nice is not grammatically correct. I would think it would say War is Not Nice. But there must be a reason the painter put it as War is No Nice. The painting has some feminine colors; if this painting is about the war than I would think that the colors would be darker than pink.

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