Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Sorrows of the King"

This painting is by Henri Matisse and it is called Sorrows of the King." I chose this painting because the colors stood out to me. I like how the blues and pinkish purples are bright and that he used many different colors to portray this image. I personally do not like this painting because I dont get it. I don't understand how it can be Sorrows of the King. I don't see a king. It looks like the image in the middle is playing an instrument and the image to the right has some kind of hat on, but still I don't understand that painting therefore I don't like the concept. I guess you can say I am torn about this painting. I like the colors but on the part of the what the painting is or what the images are suppose to be I just don't get it. The image to the left the first one looks like a monkey to me. There is also a lot going on in the painting as well. I don't where to look first and what I am suppose to be concentrated on the most. I don't believe the petals which I am thinking are petals to be all over the place.

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